Royalty Free Stock Girl Clipart by Maria Bell

  1. Puppy Riding on a Scooter with a Little Girl
  2. Cute Dark Nurse
  3. Cute Caucasian American Girl Wearing a Flag of the United States Shirt
  4. Cute Purple Haired African Girl Wearing a Flag of South Africa Shirt
  5. Cute Smiling Puerto Rican Girl Wearing a Flag of Puerto Rico Shirt
  6. Cute Ethnic Jamaican Girl Wearing a Flag of Jamaica Shirt
  7. Cute White Scottish Girl Wearing a Flag of Scotland Shirt
  8. Caucasian Baby Girl in a Pink Stroller Carriage, Looking over the Side on White
  9. Smiling Cute Blond Swedish Girl Wearing a Flag of Sweden Shirt
  10. White Baby Girl in a Pink Checkered Shirt and Bow on Her Hair, Crawling in a Diaper
  11. Female Purple Haired Medical Nurse or Doctor in Green Scrubs, Holding a Clipboard While on Shift at the Hospital
  12. Cute Brunette Spanish Girl Wearing a Flag of Spain Shirt
  13. Cute Blond English Girl Wearing a Flag of Britian Shirt and White Skirt
  14. Cute Green Haired Caucasian Girl Carrying a Purple Teddy Bear
  15. Cute Purple Haired White Cheerleader Girl Jumping with Green Pompoms
  16. Rainbow Haired Girl Chef or Baker Holding a Freshly Baked Cake Topped with Cream and a Cherry
  17. Cute Blond Caucasian Swiss Girl Wearing a Flag of Switzerland Shirt
  18. Cute Blond Danish Girl Wearing a Flag of Denmark Shirt on White
  19. Cute Blond Caucasian Girl in a Dress, Wearing Flowers in Her Hair and Holding a Bouquet
  20. Pink Haired White Girl Waving
  21. Sweet and Friendly Red Haired Caucasian Girl Wearing a Tshirt with a Heart on It
  22. Cute Brunette Italian Girl Wearing a Flag of Italy Shirt
  23. Cute Hispanic Girl Wearing a Flag of Mexico Shirt
  24. Cute Caucasian Baby Girl with a Yellow Bow in Her Hair, Wearing a Pink Checkered Shirt and White Diaper While Taking Her First Steps
  25. Cute Gray Haired Canadian Girl Wearing a Flag of Canada Shirt
  26. Cute Brunette Greek Girl Wearing a Flag of Greece Shirt
  27. Cute Blond Austrian White Girl Wearing a Flag of Austria Shirt
  28. Cute Blond White Girl Wearing a Purple Floral Dress
  29. Fashionable Young White Brunette Woman Wearing Jewelery and Holding a Bag with Two Orange Kittens in It While the Mother Cat Leans and Rubs Against Her Leg
  30. Sweet Red Haired School Girl Teacher's Pet Standing in Front of Her Female Teacher's Desk in a Classroom, Putting a Red Apple on the Desk
  31. Happy Baby Girl in a White Bonnet, Pink Checkered Bow and Diaper, Sucking on a Pink Pacifier and Holding Her Arms out While Playing with Toys in a Nursery
  32. Happy Brunette Girl Smiling As Her Blond Mother and Dark Haired Father Kiss Her on the Cheek
  33. Little Blue Eyed Girl with Her Brunette Hair in Pig Tails, Tied Back with Green Bows, Wearing a Green Dress and Brushing His Teeth with a Pink Toothbrush
  34. Baby Girl with a Pink Bow on the Top of Her Head, Holding a Baby Bottle on a Pink Background
  35. Sweet Boy Sitting on a Bench Beside His Red Haired Girlfriend Who Is Resting Her Head on His Shoulder near Her Dog
  36. Cute Little Caucasian Baby Girl Holding a Pink Balloon in a Pink Baby Carriage on a Pink and White Checkered Stationery Frame
  37. Cute Little Red Haired Caucasian Girl with a Daisy Flower on Her Pink Headband with a Dog in Hand
  38. Caucasian Sunflower Girl
  39. Little Caucasian Girl Riding a Painted Pony with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Sitting Behind Her, Holding on to Her Braids
  40. Cute Little Blond Caucasian Girl Dressed in Her Mother's Clothing and Pouring a Cup of Tea into a Cup While a Marmalade Cat Looks up at Her, Waiting for a Treat
  41. Cute Cute Cowgirl in Chaps and a Hat, Swirling a Lasso, Her Blond Hair in Braids
  42. Happy Red Haired White Girl Juggling Her Friends, School Books, Goldfish, Parents and Ballet Slippers
  43. Cute Dark Skinned Bahamian Girl Wearing a Flag of Bahamas Shirt
  44. Talkative Asian Doctor Woman, Nurse or Veterinarian with Long Black Hair, Wearing Teal Scrubs and a Stethoscope Around Her Neck, Gesturing with Her Hands
  45. Group of Boys and Girls Jumping in a Colorful Inflatable Bouncy Castle on Grass
  46. Cute Teenage Cowgirl in Chaps and a Pink Hat, Swinging a Lasso
  47. Innocent White Baby Boy with a Teddy Bear, Pacifier and Blanket